Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I had not yet stumbled upon anything interesting to write, up until now. I recently happened to watch a documentary suggested by a friend (you know who you are)  titled, “Are you good or evil?” What separates good from evil? This is the unsettling question that the scientists were trying to decipher. Does biology divide vice from virtue? Are we going to turn into a moralistic person or a psychopath? Or are we born into these roles?

A good person means a moralistic person which apparently is the most evolutionary function of man. An evil person is one who lacks in morals (a psychopath). The definition of a Psychopath is one who suffers from a mental disorder, characterized by lack of empathy, remorse and possessed by shallow emotions.

In this particular documentary, a man possessed all the features of a psychopath. He had a “warrior gene” and low activity of the limbic system. The only difference being, he was not a psychopath, not yet anyways.

A “warrior gene” is a monoamine oxidase A gene and it displays higher levels of aggression in response to provocation. I took this concept as “blame it on our genes” theory. This implies that behavior is deeply rooted in biology.

However this man was a moralistic person. This was because the “warrior gene” gets triggered by bad environmental influences, inactive otherwise.
This documentary raises the age old argument about nature versus nurture. Science is yet to determine the basics of our behavior. Is it in our genes or in our environment? Nobody knows yet.

The prevailing view remains that nature and nurture, both contribute to the individual behavior. Interestingly, one must note that we choose neither. This leads to the eternal question, are we free at all, questioning the basic right to free will.
- Dr. Shraddha Kedia

Friday, 28 October 2011

"Our world is not real"

I am not much of a writer,hence this is going to be short.
In a disease ,the mind is the scene of crime & the rest are just projections i.e the end results.Hence ,during a case taking ,we try to reach to the depth of each symptom.

I am one of those individuals who becomes obsessed with certain things.
It becomes a kind of monomania for me.One of such episodes occurred during a case taking,wherein I was not sure if I had tapped into the sub- conscious.This left me pondering and I am still figuring it out.

There are times when we try to reason with someone.We try Logically to change the way they think and react.We usually end up failing , miserably.This happens with the best of us.This is because the sub- conscious is motivated by emotion not reason.

There are two levels of the mind: The conscious which is the rational mind and The sub - conscious which is the irrational mind.The conscious mind is what you think with & the sub - conscious is the basis of emotion and creation.These thoughts creates belief in your sub- conscious mind.This forms the basis of a delusion.Delusion too, has its foundation on a thought process.

Therefore ,get your sub conscious to believe in an idea and it will create the world for you,based on that idea.

"An idea is the most resilient parasite,A single idea from the human mind can transform the world and rewrite the rules" 

Dr.Shraddha Kedia